The Page of Cups x Antigoni Tsagaropoulou / Bunny

September 2022

Municipal Theatre of Piraeus

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The newly formed five-member indie rock band, The Page of Cups, presented an explosive concert experience, staged in the playful and fluffy universe of Antigoni Tsagaropoulou / Bunny, curated by Artemis Baltoyanni.

At the core of The Page of Cups is a collective practice and the gathering of different creative voices and visions. The band's sound is characterized by a fusion of electronic and acoustic indie rock elements. Envisioning the concert as a total artwork, the band invited the artist to transform the theatre foyer into an immersive installation, embracing the viewer.

Antigoni Tsagaropoulou's / Bunny work draws inspiration from fairy tales where through their deconstructed use, they function as a tool for the creation of alternative narratives of subjectivity, co-existence and contact.

Musicians: Panos Vlasopoulos - Dimitris Vlasopoulos - Jay Vlasopoulos - Thodoris Klaydianos - Christos Bekiris.

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