Abscess Rectum Septum Cave

Cueva Archillas, Puerto Rico

February 2012 / 2014

Ramiken Crucible

Additional curator(s)


Abscess Rectum Septum Cave was a series of three exhibitions that took place in Puerto Rico from 2012 to 2014, organized by Ramiken Crucible, New York. With Baltoyanni’s assistance on the second and third versions and on the production of the eventual catalogue, the project took the form of a cultural-social experiment banishing the usual pressures of production and crosspollinating the creative process by creating a temporary, isolated community of artists. The end product of each edition was an exhibition staged in a cave, to be seen by no one except those who made it.


The cave exhibition pollutes nature directly with art. Cave men ruined pristine underground natural environments with absurd and poorly drawn images from their psychological landscape of false gods and hungry bellies. Perhaps nothing has changed. The cave exhibition hits the red reset button on three dimensional space, and reamends the rights of artists to make mistakes, currently, on the same order of magnitude as cave men: forever. This exhibition is about the future of cave art, not the past. Cave art will become a trend, and the best artists will rush to show in caves. This is only possible because of the internet, which will allow far flung caves (and caverns) to reach the market. Shipping will be done by hovercraft and transporter beams. Artists will move away from cities in droves, massing at the caves with the most action and the best drinks.

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