ARTEMIS provides vision, consistency, and expertise to a variety of clients who seek help shaping an art collection. We work with individuals ranging from those just beginning to explore the world of art to well-established collectors seeking a seasoned second opinion on their acquisitions.

Our full range of services include:

- assistance in developing and honing one’s tastes
- advice on purchases and market analysis
- facilitating interactions at the point of sale
- trips to art fairs and other circuit events
- collection management
- liaising with professional shippers and installers, archivists, appraisers, insurers, and conservation experts
- consultation on institutional giving and legacy planning

Artemis Baltoyanni has brought a conceptually fluid, market-conscious approach to the field of art advising since 2013. Founder of the Intermission exhibition space in Piraeus, she has organized numerous presentations of art at a variety of international venues over the last decade. Formerly, Baltoyanni served as director at Venus over Manhattan in New York. She has also worked for Paul McCabe Fine Art advisory services in New York and in the studio of artist Elizabeth Peyton.