Dream Makers: Fashion Illustrated


December 2019

Private Residence in Miami Beach, Florida

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Dream Makers: Fashion Illustrated was an exhibition Baltoyanni curated with designer Peter Dundas of original drawings by sixteen major fashion illustrators. With works dating from the early twentieth century through the present, it showcased the influences that designers such as Erté, Joe Eula, Antonio Lopez, and Tony Viramontes have had on Dundas’s acclaimed design practice.


“For me, fashion illustration is the pinnacle of expressing the dream and the fantasy. It was the limitless possibilities of the imagination and the artistry of the sketches which seduced me into becoming a designer. With fashions changing dynamics and immediacy, showcasing this art form feels particularly poignant.”
-Peter Dundas

Peter Dundas and Artemis Baltoyanni have curated an exhibition of important fashion illustrators both historical and contemporary to be unveiled on December 5th during Art Basel Miami Beach. Mined from Peter’s memory, the show unfolds in a very personal way around artists who have been influential in Peter’s journey to become a designer. Where possible, the focus has been on full-bodied female figures. The illustrations date from the early twentieth century, making the exhibition a fascinating history of the evolution of female depictions in fashion illustration.  
The historical works from the early 1900s are by Erté, Rene Gruau and Joe Eula. Also being showcased is a Tamara de Lempicka drawing. Although de Lempicka was not a fashion illustrator, her sensually draped, dynamic and stylish women have always been a source of inspiration for Peter. More recent artworks include two illustrations by the great Tony Viramontes both from 1984, that are on loan from the Viramontes archive; three Viramontes from 1985 that belong to Duran Duran’s Nick Rhodes private collection; three illustrations by the master Antonio Lopez all from 1985, borrowed from the Missoni archive and an Yves Saint Laurent drawing from 1988. Known as a designer more so than an illustrator, Saint Laurent’s iconic drawings were given almost equal attention to the works of established fashion illustrators at the time.  

As for our contemporary fashion illustrators, we have been fortunate enough to work directly with Bill Donovan, Cary Kwok, David Downton, Francois Berthoud, Michael Roberts, Stefano Canulli and Thierry Perez who have all kindly lent us works for the exhibition. Also, on loan are works from the Vogue/ Conde Nast archives and the Azzedine Alaia Foundation.
Most unexpected is the inclusion of Claude Lalanne’s crocodile bench. The Lalannes were discovered by their gallerist Alexander Iolas from the vitrines they had designed for Dior, prior to their career in the art world. Through the years they have carved out a special place for themselves between the worlds of fine art, fashion and design and in this way they become the perfect reflection of a united creative world.

As a brand that expresses itself creatively in different manners, Dundas World co-founder Evangelo Bousis wished to explore the relationship between art and design through an exhibition at Miami Art Basel. Together with his partner and co-founder Peter Dundas, they invited long time friend and advisor on all things art, Artemis Baltoyanni, to develop this exciting concept with them.  Peter’s passion for illustration shaped the project into the exhibition it is today as he felt that the art form has been an enormous influence on numerous designers including himself. This influence has received relatively little attention in recent years, yet the timeless quality of the work proves to be a fascinating counterpoint to today’s immediacy in fashion.

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