Inside Miami Art Week With Lenny Kravitz, Princess Eugenie, Rosario Dawson, and Dom Pérignon

December 5, 2019

Vanity Fair

Ann Binlot

The Champagne house returned after a year off for an intimate affair at the private home of hotelier Alan Faena.


For years Dom Pérignon threw one of Miami Art Week’s hottest parties at the Wall at the W South Beach, attracting a throng of bold-named art-world personalities and Hollywood A-listers for the annual rager before going on hiatus last year. This year Dom Pérignon returned with a more intimate affair at hotelier Alan Faena’s lavish, crystal-adorned Miami Beach home to fête its limited-edition collection with creative director Lenny Kravitz.

The event, which started off with a Last Supper-inspired dinner in Faena’s expansive backyard, attracted bold names like Peter Dundas, Princess Eugenie, Sean Penn, Teyana Taylor, Luka Sabbat, Paris Hilton,Rosario Dawson, Laura de Gunzburg, and Chloe Wise.

Dundas is taking on the role of curator this week for a one-night exhibition he curated with Artemis Baltoyanni, which features fashion illustrators like Antonio Lopez, Erté, Yves Saint Laurent, and Tamara de Lempicka. “It’s really like something I feel very passionate about,” said the fashion designer. “So it’s been taking up all my time. So I’m just escaping a little bit tonight.”

Art Basel regular Hilton, who arrived in Miami straight from Thanksgiving with her family in the Hamptons, was gearing up for her yearly DJ gig at the Wall on Friday. The original influencer discussed the effect of Instagram on society. “If you have a phone, you can make your own empire if you have what it takes,” Hilton said while also acknowledging the app’s negative impact. “Everyone should love themselves, not judge your life based upon anything on social media, because it will suck you in.”

Hilton, who said she has a thick skin, offered some advice to combat the trolls on social media: “Have someone monitor the negative comments and erase them, or have someone make an app that erases all the mean things that people could say. I think that would be smart because it's not nice what’s happening.”

Despite the scandal surrounding her father, Prince Andrew, Princess Eugenie, who works at blue-chip gallery Hauser & Wirth, was enjoying herself, hanging out with friends poolside as Diplo played a DJ set.

Dawson, who is caring for her cancer-stricken father, dropped into town to promote the Surf Lodge at the W South Beach pop-up of Studio 189, her sustainable fashion label with partner Abrima Erwiah. The actor and entrepreneur discussed the fashion industry’s collaborative efforts for a more sustainable system. “Fashion is the second-largest polluter on the planet,” she said. “So it doesn’t matter if you made a lot of money this season if we’re all going to die the next. It’s really been remarkable to see how much collaboration has come from the new techniques or resurrecting old, ancient techniques and things that we all just need to do to transform the industry for something that can be more regenerative and sustainable.”

Dawson is gearing up to go on the campaign trail in Iowa with her boyfriend, presidential candidate Cory Booker. “I’m just so grateful because he’s so passionate, and he’s so powerful, and he’s so loving,” Dawson said. “There’s a lot of healing that he wants to bring to this nation. His message is really love—but the love that is sacrificial, the love that is purposeful, the love that is powerful. To show up unconditionally requires a lot. It’s not weak and it’s not wishy-washy. It’s really showing up with love, with the conviction that we need to show up for each other to create and build a better future. So that’s what he’s injecting. And that’s really powerful and sustainable.”